Da Cocoa Tea


I was once engaged to a lady

Her love was all for me

No matter the distance she did live

I was no trouble to me

But another girl she did love me

An tek me away from she

An the only ting dat bring me back

Was a cup o' dah cocoa tea



Da cocoa tea is a poision to me

Every time I drink it

I dont know where I be

If you want to find me

Yuh better look for me

Cause it got my head upsided down

Wid a cup of da cocoa tea



Well den I went to the doctor

To see what de matter with me

He had me well examined

An then he said to me

"Have you ever lived with a woman?"

My man never hide it from me

For the woman had mixture made up

An give yuh in cocoa tea



"Well then, my dear good doctor

No good can be done for me"

"Why did you keep so far

And didn't come to me?

In the end you'll reach the graveyard

Prepare what hour it'll be

So give all men the caution

Beware of the cocoa tea!"