Something Greater

Verse 1
I'm a drifting stranger
In the land of the not so free
Where there's never care for a real reason
In a reckless society
Where a poor man can't have equality
Or his offspring, a bright morrow
And the fight takes toll on the dying bones
Leaving almost nowhere to go, (no no)ohhh

But we must keep tumbling and fighting on
Cause I made my discoveries
That we cant ever seem to realise
Man's his own greatest enemy
A lion is only a friend to man
When man crosses on his domain
But a man will always be cruel to man
And that way will never be changed

So I must believe
(That there's something greater than me)
To keep up the fight I just got to see
(That there's something greater than me)
Take your head out the clouds and look til you see
(That there's something greater than me)
Jail me wrongfully and I'll still be free
(Cause there's something greater than me)

Jah Jah Jah Jah (Calling)
Jah Jah Jah Jah (Calling)
Jah Jah Jah Jah
Jah Jah Jah Jah

Verse 2
Man still tries to separate
His own brothers with class and greed
But a class made a class a lower class
With the lower following lead
Separation show my concern am I
And his presence rapid and fast
Man ah die in bed need a donor's blood
Does he request a certain class? (no no)

But now who am I just to wonder off
Passing judgement and kicking fuss
Because that is a crucial part of life
When man returns to nothing but dust
Now I wipe my tears and I start to fear
Smiling off my class and greed game
Cause when rich and poor convert back to dust
That dust texture remains the same


Verse 3
My description of drug pushers
Make them out to look just like we
But can drugs slip in through a tight system
Without any authority
Cause small flies like we distributing it
And taking life without mercy
Take a nice trip to any system yet
Do we look like authority? (no no)

Religions spying religions down
Leaving youth to feel so confused
False profits counting the profits game
As religion is fully abused
While we leaders seemingly more concerned
For their own good welfare and bliss
Try to hide the truth form the whole wide world
Racism no longer exists