Spring Garden on Fire, Ras Isley




Leh we go, leh we go, leh we go, Spring Garden on fire

You know we does run to fire but run from water

I heard that soca blazing down on the highway

So I had to go an' help all dem people down dey

You don't want me to go, but stand there and bawl

I ain't missing this ting at all at all at all at all at all



Spring Garden ah coming

Ah stood at home and heard how yah burning

Spring Garden ah coming

All the traffic block so I'll be running

I coming down wid me soca to fight fire wid fire

Spring Garden Ras Isley coming


 Give me room, back off



Leh we go, leh we go, leh we go, ah can wait no longer

 I got to go an' help them put out this fire

Cause yah just can use nah water to out this fire

You got to jump and prance 'til you catch the fever

Things are getting so hot but still I cannot retreat

I going down to Sping Garden wid some tempo to help dem to cool the heat




 When you see me coming just back off



Leh we go, leh we go, leh we go, the temperature rising

Stop what yah doing and come if yah coming

Every posse going down to the highway

Look you have me in misery standing here

If you know you ain't coming let me know right now

I am the fire chief so I have to show them how




Out de fire (x58)


Sung by Ras Isley