The Riot Song


Now listen, friends to my late compose

De twenty-seventh o' July ah couldn't show much nose!

Listen, friends to what was composed

De twenty-seventh o' July ah couldn't show much nose!

Civilians wid rock, policemen wid guns,

Don' doubt me, friends, it wasn't no fun,

For every time dat yuh hear a round,

Somebody dead or somebody wound.



Ah know yuh all wouldn't know my features,

Ah give yuh a joke 'bout som o' de creatures,

Menzies de firs' dat I know well

Don' doubt me, friends, he smell real hel,

De parade ground he couldn't run around,

Dey had to put Menzies to run up an' down,

He get in de box in a serious way,

Sayin' "Tonight is a funny day".



But really my intention was not to rhyme,

But de blows in Morty Skeete really change muh mind

From de time he was under arrest,

He get blows backwards, front an' chest.

Policement wid guns, detectives wid sticks,

Friends, your could imagine how much kicks,

An' every time dat yuh hear my son,

Morty get a lash or butt wid de gun



But Belle he's a man, he really din stan'

He only went for three weeks under remand

He was so frighten he couldn't even eat

All he use to do was eat off de meat

When de warden ask him cool, if he done,

Instead of answering he like he would run,

But after all he did get out fine

Because he ain't spend no unfair long time.



Now leh me tell you about Brian n' Grant

Two men said dey had great intelligence

Brian mount de box wid a big surprise

Sayin' Barbados must be colonize

Grant sit down an wait till 'e done

He said, "Friends , dis here ain't no fun"

But when dey done dey had it to say

Yes, tonight is a funny day!